Written by Mickael Vaillancourt on July 31, 2018 in News Nouvelles

Fleet managers are constantly faced with evolving market conditions and the various obstacles they create. While some factors are external and can’t be controlled, others are internal and can easily be improved. In any case, a geo-tracking system can help overcome these challenges.

High gas prices

Everyone knows that fuel is expensive, and the fuel price situation isn’t set to improve anytime soon. This issue is a major concern not only from a cost perspective but also due to the environmental impacts. Many fleet managers dream of converting to electric cars but must first resolve concrete day-to-day challenges. Ahead of an expected migration to an electric or hybrid fleet, fuel costs must be optimized. Options such as the engine shut-down and speed alerts available with the ORCA system help to significantly reduce the financial loss associated with using gasoline as a fuel.

Avoiding internal fraud

Tracking both employees on the road and hours worked can be a complex task. Are your employees really at the customer’s site? Did they take some time out to do some personal shopping? Are your employees moonlighting by accepting undeclared personal contracts? Did they really work overtime?

By tracking its fleet in real time, a company can know the position of all its vehicles at any given moment. With a fleet management solution, you can generate a host of reports that will indicate which customer was visited and when, among other things. Moreover, with such a system, your payroll costs will be lower and more transparent.

Vehicle maintenance

Every fleet manager is looking to reduce the risk of breakdowns and repair costs. By equipping yourself with smart, proactive and relevant fleet management software, you can avoid unexpected expenses. Thanks to this software, you can create service alerts to make vehicle maintenance easier.

Regardless of the industry, if you have vehicles on the road, you need to shift from classic fleet management to a smarter mobile solution. By leveraging a geo-tracking GPS solution, you can control fleet management costs and see a return on investment very quickly.