flotte de camions
Written by Mickael Vaillancourt on June 5, 2018 in News

Looking to reap the benefits of purchasing a fleet, but wondering whether this decision will prove cost efficient? Keep in mind that, by becoming the owner of a small or large fleet, you’re likely to see a return on investment (ROI) very quickly. To ensure that you do, select an appropriate fleet management system that’s tailored to your needs, and use it wisely.

Choosing the right fleet management system:

Define your needs: Before investing, you must first determine what your real needs are, and which ones will really offer benefits.

Picking a solution tailored to your needs: You may be tempted to choose certain systems based on their price but be careful: a lower price doesn’t necessarily translate to a product that’s adapted to your needs.

With a tailored solution in hand, you can:

Achieve significant savings: Through better traffic management, assessing premature vehicle wear or by reducing fuel costs.

Ensure better productivity: A follow-up provides an overview of fleet performance so that you can determine actual hours worked, engine stop times and so forth.

Choose the right employee for the right job: Such a solution affords you the opportunity to determine which employee, vehicle and tools are the best suited to a specific mandate. You’ll be able to manage your fleet and leverage the potential of certain employees to the best advantage.

Offer better customer service: The solution also makes it possible to respond to customer queries more quickly and efficiently and with transparency, for instance, by indicating a vehicle’s location, expected arrival time and any delay.

Act faster: Whether it’s a technical problem or needed repairs, intervening faster reduces potential impacts on vehicles as well as customer service and helps you react quickly and with agility.

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