Distributors of the Geothentic fleet tracking solution

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Collaborators and distributors of Geothentic, the creator of Orca

All Geothentic software and products are developed and manufactured in Quebec from A to Z, and Geothentic relies on partners and distributors all over the world to serve a large number of businesses around the globe. In order to meet the needs of an international clientele, Geothentic’s products and software (including customer service), which are designed in French, are also available in four other languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. The online interface also allows you to access the data in your systems regardless of your location.



Telit Communications PLC is a provider of machine-to-machine wireless technology and value added services, including Cloud connectivity and the PaaS Enablement application; it is based in London, United Kingdom.


ProgressionLIVE is a web and mobile tool that allows businesses to do away with paper forms in favour of smart mobile devices (telephones and tablets).
Ideal for service call management, delivery tracking and order taking, ProgressionLIVE makes it possible to monitor operations in real time and increase productivity.


MIR-RT, preventive and corrective maintenance management software.