Managing a Fleet of Vehicles

Geothentic offers a range of ecological, economical and business-friendly geolocation products.

Designed and manufactured entirely in Quebec, every software and product range developed by Geothentic is considered to increase productivity and generate savings. Because our products are designed and manufactured in Quebec, they are created with our road conditions and climate in mind, not to mention areas without cellular coverage.

Our platforms are fully web-based, require no software installation and are available via computer, tablet and smartphone, allowing you to be connected on all your devices at the same time.

A number of efficient, customizable and easy-to-use solutions are available to help contractors with automotive fleets better manage their vehicle pools.

Your challenge: Turn significant losses into substantial savings using Geothentic products!

  • By reducing idling;
  • By measuring vehicle speeds to prevent higher fuel consumption;
  • By preventing unauthorized vehicle use.
Orca GPS

ORCA is a GPS locator and fleet manager that allows you to track your vehicles and trucks so that you always know where they are. ORCA is an all-in-one solution that adjusts to meet your needs, whether you want to monitor your employees, limit vehicle wear and tear, or reduce your fuel consumption and environmental impact.

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