Managing a fleet of vehicles

« Letting your engine idle for more than 10 seconds consumes more fuel and generates more greenhouse gas emissions than turning it off and starting it up again. »

Founded in 2006, Geothentic developed the ecological system CALIBUR, which automatically and safely shuts off the engine of a vehicle after a set period of downtime when the vehicle has been left idling unnecessarily, helping to reduce the greenhouse gases you generate and your fleet’s fuel consumption, as well as your maintenance costs. This patented engine shut-off system is intended mainly for transportation, towing, specialized delivery and construction companies, as well for municipalities.

Geothentic’s patented automatic engine shut-off system combines profitability and environmentalism. The engine of a vehicle left idling unnecessarily for a prolonged period can shut down after a set amount of time; this is a good way of saving money on gas and repairs while reducing your environmental impact.

CALIBUR is a little green box that can be installed in any vehicle. With its modular design and extreme flexibility, the system can be tailored to meet the needs of its users.

CALIBUR also allows for automatic restart via auxiliary based on two factors, temperature and voltage.

The CALIBUR system is intelligent and the engine shut-off won’t engage if:
You’re at a traffic light, at a stop sign or in a traffic jam
Engine-powered auxiliary equipment (PTO or other) is in use

CALIBUR is a simplified version of ORCA and offers the following features :

  • Vehicle speed control with a preprogrammed audible alarm
  • Engine shut-off
  • Deactivation of the antitheft system in garage mode

Benefits of the Calibur engine shut-off system :

  • 10 to 20% reduction in fuel consumption
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Better vehicle speed control, ensuring safe and responsible driving, fuel savings and improved vehicle maintenance