Fleet Management of Vehicles

ORCA is a GPS locator and fleet manager that allows you to track your vehicles and trucks so that you always know where they are. ORCA is an all-in-one solution that adjusts to meet your needs, whether you want to monitor your employees, limit vehicle wear and tear, or reduce your fuel consumption and environmental impact.

ORCA is a little green box that can be installed in any vehicle. The system uses cellular communication networks to transmit all of the information the fleet owner requires. In fact, owners have the option of customizing the management and geolocation tool by specifying their own monitoring criteria.

How can ORCA be used for vehicle fleet management and GPS location?

  • GPS location via satellite
  • Limit speeding
    • Limit a vehicle’s driving speed
    • Measure speeding
  • Geothentic’s patented, remotely programmable automatic engine shut-off
  • Travel history
  • Detailed operation report
  • Customization of geographic locations (geofencing)
  • Real time monitoring
    • Bimode communication (Cellular network or wifi)
  • Direct in-cab communication
  • Maintenance management
    • Plan and manage vehicle maintenance
    • Count engine time (RPM) and kilometres travelled
    • Receive a notice via email when maintenance is due
    • Reduce potential wear and tear
  • Accelerometer – complies with Bill 40 on the transportation of hazardous materials

Orca is the only product on the market that combines all of the following:

  • Better inventory control aboard vehicles
  • Better vehicle maintenance
  • Better billing and payroll control
  • Increased business productivity
  • Reduced idling time for lower fuel bills

See how we can help you get more out of your vehicles!

A number of options can be added to the ORCA module to meet your business’s specific needs:

  • Antitheft
  • Driver identifier
  • Speed alert
  • Pager
  • Temperature sensors
  • PTO
  • Impact sensor
  • Engine shut-off/automatic restart
  1. Antitheft
    With antitheft, the vehicle always has to be started according to a very specific start sequence using the driver identifier. If the sequence isn’t followed, the ORCA system triggers an audible alarm and goes into theft mode. This theft mode is reported on the web-based platform, and the vehicle won’t start until the antitheft feature is disarmed from the platform or from the vehicle itself. We send the alert via text message or email, and we can even add you to an alarm centre.
  2. Driver Identifier
    With driver identification, you know who’s driving which vehicle and when. Drivers have to identify themselves by scanning their identification card or entering a code before they can start the vehicle or the vehicle won’t start. You can also control vehicle use by preauthorizing only certain drivers to drive certain vehicles. Our driver identifier allows for vehicle-based driver identification and management.
  3. Speed Alert
    The ORCA system’s speed alert allows you to limit a vehicle’s driving speed. When a driver exceeds the set speed limit, the system triggers a 90-decibel audible alert inside the vehicle, telling the driver to slow down. The alert will stop only once the vehicle drops below the required speed limit.
  4. Pager
    With our two-way pager, the driver and platform manager can contact each other at any time, providing an alternative to the telephone.
  5. Temperature Sensors
    Installing temperature sensors lets you know the temperature inside the cab or even measure if the temperature is higher or lower than the authorized temperature for food transportation.
  6. PTO & Other Sensors
    By installing PTO, you can measure specific PTO activities and therefore know how often it was activated throughout the day. Geothentic’s patented automatic engine cut-off will also never engage when the PTO is operating.
  7. Impact Sensor
    Our impact sensor detects vehicle or trailer impacts and vibrations, thereby detecting the vehicle’s movements even when its engine is off.
  8. Engine Shut-Off & Automatic Restart
    When a vehicle has been left idling unnecessarily, our patented engine shut-off system automatically and safely turns off the engine after a set period of downtime.
    It should be noted that time spent waiting at a traffic light, at a stop sign or in a traffic jam does not count as idling time. Geothentic’s patented automatic engine shut-off isn’t engaged in those situations. The system is also intelligent: it won’t turn off the engine of an idling vehicle if engine-powered auxiliary equipment (PTO or other) is in use.
    According to Natural Resources Canada:
    One hour of idling results in:
    -2 to 4 litres of wasted fuel, a value of approximately $3
    -a waste of $3.75 in premature wear and tear
    For a total waste of approximately $6.75 per hour of idling
    Our automatic restart via auxiliary makes it possible to restart the vehicle based on two factors, temperature and voltage.
  9. Bimode Communication
    Bimode communication is a solution for areas not served by cellular coverage. The module will automatically connect to the available network, whether cellular or wifi. Intelligently, the module can connect to one or the other of the networks, by selecting the best available network.