Fleet Management Solutions for the Construction Sector

Contract work means trusting temporary employees who are often alone on a construction or job site. Electricians, plumbers and carpenters use company vehicles and may leave the site with these trucks. It’s sometimes difficult to know what to bill the client: although you charged the client for eight hours, the client claims that your employees only worked for six.

The ORCA system allows for better employee monitoring and ensures that company vehicles are being used properly. It contributes to better client relationship management and substantial fuel savings.

Geolocate Vehicles

It can sometimes be difficult to manage employees remotely. The ability to track vehicles, and therefore drivers, in real time is the cornerstone of the ORCA system and a useful function for monitoring the breaks of employees on the road.

The ORCA system allows you to track vehicles at all times using a map, an easy way of determining how long each employee actually spent working. Driver identification cards make it possible to identify each vehicle’s users.

Monitor Unauthorized Vehicle Use

Use outside of work
Your employees take company vehicles home on weekday evenings and on weekends. An employee uses a corporate van to run a few errands over the weekendThe ORCA system can limit the use of a vehicle to work hours only with the unauthorized trip option. For example, email or text message alerts can be sent when a vehicle is used on weekday evenings or the weekend.

Use outside of authorized areas
Employees are working on a construction site. At lunch, they use corporate vehicles to go to a restaurant.
Geofencing allows you to define an authorized area for a specific driver. You can be notified by email whenever a vehicle enters or leaves the area.
For every unauthorized use, you can configure an audible alert inside the vehicle and be notified by email. In any event, every unauthorized use will be recorded and available in reports.

Know What to Bill Your Clients

How many hours did your employees actually work on the construction site? Although you charged the client for eight hours of work, the client claims that your employees only worked for six.

Billing the client according to the time spent on the job can be very difficult when you can’t agree on the number of hours worked. By providing a complete vehicle travel history, the ORCA system makes it possible to determine the exact number of hours worked in the field and also helps to better plan the number of hours to charge the client for.

Shut Off an Idling Engine

An employee leaves the engine running unnecessarily during a stop.
Geothentic’s patented automatic engine shut-off allows you to limit unnecessary fuel costs. When the vehicle has idled for a prolonged period, meaning that the engine is running but the vehicle isn’t in use, the engine shuts off automatically after a predetermined period.

Allow Automatic Restarting Using an Auxiliary

Based on battery level

Although auxiliaries use the vehicle’s battery when the vehicle is stopped, the auxiliary restart option allows the vehicle to restart when the battery gets too low, making it possible to save gas while avoiding disaster!

L’option Redémarrage par auxiliaire permet au moteur de redémarrer automatiquement lorsque la température descend sous un niveau de votre choix.

Based on temperature

The auxiliary restart option allows the engine to restart automatically when the temperature falls below a set level.

Limit Speeding

An employee drives 80 km/h in a 50 km/h zone.
You can limit speeding by configuring a speed alert. When speeding occurs, an audible alert will sound inside the vehicle, warning the driver that he or she is going too fast. You’ll receive notifications for every speeding event.

This prevents unnecessary fuel costs and increases safety. The speed alert also protects your company’s image, which can easily be damaged by a driver going too fast.

Prevent Theft

A vehicle’s left at a construction site for the night and you worry that it’ll be stolen.
If the vehicle is started using the wrong sequence, the ORCA system’s Antitheft option triggers an audible alert and goes into theft mode, which is reported on the web-based platform and even by text message, if desired. The vehicle won’t start at this point, or for the next trip.