Fleet Management Solutions in Industrial Sector

Workers safety has long been a challenge for the industrial sector.

Safety through prevention

The ORCA solution prevents accidents with a proactive system for detecting:

  • Sudden acceleration
  • Sudden braking
  • Major impacts

In addition, with the ORCA system, the user can create audible and/or visual warning thresholds with its integrated accelerometer (accelerations, braking and impacts) when the vehicle moves backwards or forwards, with the objective of educating drivers about their driving behavior.

Also, the ORCA system can be used to create height thresholds to detect areas at risk (eg damaged road) to increase driver comfort and ergonomics of driving and thus avoid long-term injuries.

The platform gives the following information:

  • Who drives which vehicle
  • When
  • How
  • And allows the users to pull an automatic report of the driving of all his drivers, classified by their driving behavior which will be sent directly in the mailbox of the user.

With the driver identifier, the manager can allow or prevent a driver from driving a vehicle.

Geofencing for Speed Limit Management on Private Roads

The ORCA system allows the creation of 10 specific zones with individual speed limits and accelerometer configurations (acceleration, braking and impact). If the vehicle is in a zone and the configuration is exceeded, an alert will sound directly in the cabin of the module.
Geothentic offers customers the opportunity to use their cartography by integrating it into the platform.
Geothentic offers customers the opportunity to visualize the areas most at risk (impacts and braking) according to the history of their fleet, and thus, make the necessary corrections / modifications.

Maintenance Alerts & Engine Hours

The ORCA module accumulates the hours of operation of the units (forklift, overhead traveling crane, generator, etc.) and can transfer this data in a third-party software such as SAP or other.
One of the menus of our platform allows to manage all the maintenance of the vehicles of the fleet according to the number of engine hours, allowing the managers of the fleet to make sure that all the maintenance are done on time.

Overall Performance Rate of Equipment (TRGE)

The ORCA system provides knowledge of actual vehicle use with total and net operating time, out of service time and idle time. All these data allow the user to know the availability and efficiency rate of the fleet.