Fleet Management Solutions for Snow Removal and Landscaping Sectors

Snow removal is a major industry in Quebec, one with very specific needs. Our various products can meet these needs. The ORCA system allows for better employee monitoring and ensures that company vehicles are used properly. It contributes to better client relationship management and substantial fuel savings.

Confirm When Work Has Been Done

Your client calls to tell you that his yard hasn’t been cleared of snow and that he wants to cancel his contract, but your employee tells you that he cleared the client’s yard just that morning. Who’s right? With the Geothentic platform, you’ll be able to see the route taken by the snow plow, give your client access to the platform and determine if his PTO was used, all within three clicks. With geofencing, you can also add your clients’ different perimeters to see when your snow plows enter and leave those areas.

Increase Productivity

With geofencing, you’ll be able to determine how much time was spent on site for each snow removal job and to see the movements of all your trucks, enabling you to increase your fleet’s productivity.

Geolocate Vehicles

The ORCA system allows you to track vehicles at all times using a map, an easy way of determining how long each employee actually spent working.  Driver identification cards make it possible to identify each vehicle’s users.

Know What to Bill Your Clients

How can you confirm that your clients’ driveways have actually been cleared of snow?
Although you billed 20 residential clients for your services, the platform indicates that your driver cleared over 25 driveways. You can therefore conclude that your driver is charging some clients under the table.
By providing a complete vehicle travel history, the ORCA system allows you to see the number of properties cleared of snow.

Reduce Your Monthly Fees

Geothentic offers the opportunity to reduce your monthly fees when your vehicles aren’t in service, which may lower your annual bill significantly if your business is seasonal.