Fleet Management Solutions for the Mining and Hazardous Materials Transportation Sectors

Worker safety has always been a challenge for the mining sector. Although there are three times fewer accidents today than there were 15 years ago in Quebec mines, 150 out of 9,230 mine workers were injured in 2013 (CNESST, online). And while the frequency of accidents is steadily dropping, their severity is increasing.

Safety Through Prevention

The ORCA solution we offer can considerably reduce the risks associated with certain mining practices.

  • Complies with Bill 40 on the transportation of hazardous materials: Every system is equipped with a built-in accelerometer, meeting the requirements of Bill 40 on the transportation of hazardous materials. It measures acceleration, deceleration and impact.
  • Safety belt detection: Connecting the safety belt to the ORCA system makes it possible to detect if the belt is properly fastened. A smoke detector in the cab can also be connected to the system in order to limit the risk of fire.
  • Speed limit setting: Dangerous driving in mines can be fatal for the driver and other workers. The speed alert option allows you to limit a vehicle’s speed to 30 or 50km/h, depending on the speed limit in force at the mine. You can set the limit you consider appropriate.
  • Geofencing: You can limit the operating range of vehicles that aren’t supposed to leave their section. From the interface, you can configure a specific territory for each vehicle by assigning it a particular area. You’ll receive an automatic email alert if a vehicle leaves its area.

Environmental responsibility and profitability through fuel economy

  • Engine Shut-Off

    Geothentic’s patented automatic engine shut-off system combines environmental responsibility and profitability. When a vehicle has been left running unnecessarily for a prolonged idling period, you can simply shut off the engine, saving fuel and reducing wear while limiting your environmental impact.

  • Maintenance Management Tool

    With the ORCA web-based platform, you can plan and manage vehicle maintenance, among other things. Equipped with an odometer and an hour meter, the system records engine hours and the number of kilometres travelled. You are then notified by email when maintenance is due. This tool can help you to eliminate oversights and to divide up tasks between managers, and ensures greater profitability by reducing potential wear.

  • Automatic Restart

    Some auxiliaries are often used when vehicles are at a standstill. This avoids unnecessary fuel consumption but drains the vehicle’s battery. The automatic restart option measures the battery’s remaining charge In order to prevent the battery from being depleted. When the measured charge is too low, the vehicle restarts automatically.

  • Connected in Remote Areas

    The system never loses any data, even if your vehicles are in remote areas or underground. When a vehicle is outside the cellular coverage area, the system saves the data and sends it once the signal becomes accessible again.

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