Fleet Management Solutions for Municipalities and Public Sector

Shut Off an Idling Engine

An employee leaves the engine running unnecessarily during a stop.
Geothentic’s patented automatic engine shut-off limits unnecessary fuel expenses and reduces maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions. When the vehicle has idled for a prolonged period, meaning that the engine is running but the vehicle isn’t in use, the engine shuts off automatically after a predetermined period.

Allow Automatic Restarting Using an Auxiliary

Based on battery level
A park maintenance worker uses a water pump to spray a median. He leaves the vehicle running to avoid draining the battery.
The ORCA system can automatically restart the vehicle when the battery falls below a certain voltage (12 volts); it can also restart the engine when an auxiliary (rotating light, hydraulic system, generator, etc.) is activated. This way, you avoid unnecessary fuel expenses and, at the same time, the disaster of a vehicle that won’t start.

Based on temperature
February. -27 degrees Celsius. A worker is busy emptying the garbage cans of a park in Montreal. He leaves the vehicle idling to prevent the engine from freezing.

The ORCA system can restart automatically when the temperature of a vehicle becomes too low. The minimum temperature is at the discretion of the client.

Limit Speeding

A worker takes the highway to avoid delays between two assignments. Distracted by radio communication, he doesn’t notice that he’s travelling at 140 km/h, dangerous driving that may harm your corporate image and uses a lot of gas.

The Speed Alert option triggers an alarm whenever a vehicle exceeds a given driving speed. You choose the desired speed yourself.

Identify Drivers

A light on a vehicle is broken. You’re understanding at first, but the same thing happens a number of times. The dents and scratches are piling up, but no one is taking any responsibility.

Or the ORCA system’s web-based platform indicates that a vehicle’s been stopped in a restaurant parking lot for over an hour. You don’t know who to reprimand because you don’t know who’s driving the vehicle.

With the Driver Identification option, you can know who’s driving which vehicle at all times.

Dispatching Function

A number of vehicles are dispatched to different corners of the city. A new assignment has just come in and you wonder who to send to avoid wasting time.

With the dispatching option, you can determine which driver is closest to a given point based on the travel time and distance, as well as current traffic conditions.