Fleet Management Solutions for Representatives

Do you have representatives on the road who use company or personal vehicles, and would you like to be able to track their movements during work hours? Do your representatives not want employer-installed GPS in their personal vehicles? Geothentic has a solution tailored for representatives.

No Installation Costs

Our equipment especially designed for representatives plugs directly into the cigarette lighter and therefore requires no installation.

Increased Productivity

With our platform, you can track the movements of all your vehicles and see whether work is well distributed geographically. The better distributed your work, the more productive you are.

Confirmation of Kilometres Travelled & Routes Taken

Our equipment allows representatives to identify whether they’re travelling for work or for personal reasons, making it easier for you to determine the number of kilometres travelled for expense claim purposes, and for your representatives to complete their income tax returns.

Do clients call you to say they still haven’t received a visit from your representative? With Geothentic’s platform, you’ll be able to see the ground your representative has covered within three clicks.

Dispatching Function

A number of vehicles are dispatched to different corners of the city. A new assignment has just come in and you wonder who to send to avoid wasting time.

With the dispatching option, you can determine which driver is closest to a given point based on the travel time and distance.