Fleet Management Solutions for the Service Industry

Whether you’re in the food sector or retail trade, the service industry (plumbers, delivery people, electricians, etc.) is always juggling very tight deadlines. Every minute wasted comes at a significant cost to your business.

Manage Vehicle Maintenance

Time seems to fly, and it’s hard to plan vehicle maintenance. Constantly under pressure, you put off maintenance and end up forgetting about it. The ORCA system is a maintenance management tool. It uses the vehicle’s odometer to send an alert when maintenance is due. It’s a powerful management tool that can help you to assess the costs associated with using old vehicles.

Calculate Delivery Times

You notice that a delivery took an hour, but the system shows that the unloading door was only open for 15 minutes. Where did those 45 minutes go? How did your employees spend that time? You’d like to know how long deliveries take in order to improve.
The ORCA system allows you to check how long each delivery takes. With the auxiliary connection, the system records every time a door is opened and closed as an event.

Geolocate Vehicles

It can sometimes be difficult to manage employees remotely. The ability to track vehicles, and therefore drivers, in real time is the cornerstone of the ORCA system.

The ORCA system allows you to track vehicles at all times using a map, an easy way of determining how long each of your employees actually spent working.

Shut Off an Idling Engine

Delivery people leave with a truck for a day of deliveries. Out of 10 hours spent on deliveries, the truck idles for prolonged periods totalling four hours.
On average, delivery vehicles are left idling 40% of the time, resulting in substantial, unnecessary and costly fuel consumption. Geothentic’s patented automatic engine shut-off system limits these losses by shutting off the engine after a specified idling time.

Limit Speeding

One of your corporate trucks is travelling at 130 km/h on the highway.
The ORCA system’s audible speed alert allows you to limit the vehicle’s driving speed for a better corporate image, increased safety and significant fuel savings.
If the driver goes over the set speed limit, the system will trigger an audible alarm inside the vehicle that will only stop when the required speed limit is observed.
The system will record every time the set speed limit is exceeded and send this information to the ORCA database, making it will available in the form of reports on the ORCA interface.

Prevent Food Loss

The refrigerated truck is loaded with a large cargo of dairy products. You arrive at the client’s location after being on the road for a few hours and notice that the refrigeration system is no longer working, compromising the food’s freshness.
Temperature sensors in food trucks identify when temperatures vary too much, preventing significant food losses, and can be used as proof of quality for the client.

Monitor Unauthorized Vehicle Use

Use outside of work
Your employees take company vehicles home on weekday evenings and on weekends. An employee uses a corporate vehicle to run a few errands over the weekend.
The ORCA system can limit vehicle use to work hours only with the unauthorized trip function. For example, email or text message alerts can be sent when a vehicle is used on weekday evenings or the weekend.

Prevent Theft

A vehicle’s been left at the office for the night and you worry it’ll be stolen.
If the vehicle is started using the wrong sequence, the ORCA system’s Antitheft option triggers an audible alert and goes into theft mode, which is reported on the web-based platform and even by text message, if desired. The vehicle won’t start at this point, or for the next trip.