Fleet Management Solutions for the Transportation Sector

Your goal: to make sure that your trucks get from point A to point B as quickly as possible while minimizing fuel and maintenance costs and ensuring that the merchandise reaches its destination intact.

Fuel Savings

Shut off an idling engine
« Heavy trucks account for 3% of all vehicles in Quebec, but are responsible for half of all polluting emissions attributable to road transport. There are a number of ways to reduce their environmental footprint, including reduced idling time. »

Many trucks have a manufacturer-installed electronic engine shut-off. However, it’s common knowledge that a driver can bypass a manufacturer’s automatic engine shut-off by setting the vehicle to fast idle, which doesn’t shut off the engine and therefore drastically increases fuel costs. We also know that some drivers deactivate the engine shut-off, which means that trucks are left to idle and generate unnecessary fuel expenses, not to mention the wear and tear to your vehicle engines.

Geothentic’s patented automatic engine shut-off system limits these losses by shutting off the engine after a specified idling time.

Allow Automatic Restart by Auxiliary

According to the level of the vehicle’s battery
Even though auxiliaries use the vehicle’s battery while it is stationary, the auxiliary restart option allows the vehicle to restart when the battery level becomes too low.

According to the temperature
The Auxiliary Restart option allows the engine to restart automatically when the temperature drops below a level of your choice.

Limit Speeding

The ORCA system’s speed alert allows you to limit a truck’s driving speed for significant fuel savings and a better company driving record.

If the driver goes over the pre-set speed limit, the system will trigger a 90-decibel audible alarm inside the vehicle cab that will only stop when the truck’s speed falls below the allowed limit. Many trucks are limited to 105 km/h by the manufacturer, but based on our experience in the field, many drivers bypass this limit. Trucks that go over 105 km/h use an inordinate amount of fuel. Your company can save a lot of gas by limiting speeding.

The system will record every time the set speed limit is exceeded and send this information to the ORCA database, making it will available in the form of reports on the ORCA interface.

Identify Drivers

A light on a vehicle is broken. You’re understanding at first, but the same thing happens a number of times. The dents and scratches are piling up, but no one is taking any responsibility.

Or the ORCA system’s web-based platform indicates that a vehicle’s been stopped in a restaurant parking lot for over an hour. You don’t know who to reprimand because you don’t know who’s driving the vehicle.

With the Driver Identification option, you can know who’s driving which vehicle at all times.

Vehicle Maintenance Management

Time seems to fly, and it’s hard to plan vehicle maintenance.
 The ORCA system is a maintenance management tool. It uses the vehicle’s odometer to send an alert when maintenance is due. You can also use our platform to save a maintenance history and the related costs. This makes it a powerful management tool that can help you to assess the costs associated with using old vehicles.
You’ll never again do maintenance too early or too late.

IFTA Report

All companies in the transportation industry have to complete a fuel tax return used in every province and state bound by the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA). To do this, businesses use the information in the logbook of every truck they have on the road, leaving plenty of room for error and inaccurate information.

With our ORCA system, you can access your IFTA reports within three clicks, saving you management and administration time, and we guarantee a margin of error of only 1 to 2%. All of the necessary information will be readily accessible in the event of a tax audit.


Do you have trouble contacting your drivers when they’re on the road? Would you like your drivers to be able to contact you in case of emergency (health problem, truck breakdown, etc.)? With our two-way pager, the driver and platform manager can contact each other at any time.


Geothentic offers its clients a user-friendly and proven solution. Our solution, plugged directly into the ECM of the vehicle, records, in a way that can’t be modified by the driver, all the vehicle’s movements. Driving times and stopovers (determined with the GPS that will be installed in the vehicle) are identified and kept in the reports. When the truck is stopped, it will be up to the driver to declare whether it is a work, rest or berth stop.